Is it time to align with your authenticity, ground your body & balance your emotions?


Come this way...


Integrative Healing & Coaching

Awaken your True Essence & Tap into your Highest Purpose

Private 1:1 sessions, offering you a sacred container to:

  • Connect to your divine Feminine Cycles 

  • Amplify your Intuition 

  • Deepen a Heart Centered & Soul Led Life

  • Regain Inner Balance & Live in Flow State

  • Clear Energetic Blocks & Limiting Beliefs

  • Uncover your Life's Purpose

  • Feel Grounded & Connected

  • Align with your Higher Self 

  • Boost Self Esteem & Confidence

  • Release & Resolve Past Trauma

  • Heal the Wounded Child Within 

  • Alleviate Stress & Anxiety


Core Modalities Used:​

  • Hypnotherapy

  • Coaching

  • EFT/Tapping 

  • Polyvagal Therapy

  • Energy Healing

  •  Mindfulness  

  • Plant Healing 

  • Breathwork 

  • Ceremony & Ritual 

​What's Included in the 12 Session Programme?

  • 12 x sessions; held weekly or bi-weekly.
  • Ongoing support & accountability check ins via WhatsApp

  • Copy of Your Session Recordings (if held online) & Follow Up Notes

  • Weekly Homework to integrate learnings

  • Welcoming Sacred Space & Self Care Support Kit 

  • 3 x Bespoke Subconscious Reprogramming Recordings

  • Develop your own Tool Box of Techniques to Be Your Own Healer

"Hannah’s private sessions are a little miracle. Hannah has such a soothing presence and works hard to personalise each session to your needs. I particularly enjoy the “homework” which helps embed the sessions into my day to day life, and soon you find your daily routine and way of thinking is changed from it. I can not recommend Hannah enough whether you’re dealing with anxiety, or simply want to get more out of life. Thank you Hannah."

~ Harriet 

"My 1-1 sessions with Hannah have changed my whole outlook on life, my relationship with myself and my confidence. Before I met Hannah I wasn’t in touch with my emotions and kept a lot bottled up, this lead to feeling highly anxious a lot of the time. Hannah helped me get to know myself again and build a tool kit to help me work through these issues through hypnotherapy, healing and talking things out. Over time my anxiety has decreased and for the first time in my 30 something years I like and accept who I am and how I look. I trust my instincts and I’m unapologetically me. Hannah is an amazing person who helped me open up, I will be forever thankful for her help and support to get to this place."

~ Lauren


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