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Ritual Healing


Sacred Ceremony 

Looking through the lens of ritual enables you to see the greatness even in the small things. It opens up a sacred container to attune to the wisdom that is inherent within you, where your consciousness is being reminded of the wisdom of your own life. As we weave ourselves into the sacred web of ritual & ceremony, we create a safe resting place for where even the most complicated feelings of life may unfurl.

Shakti Power 

A healing journey of divine self love 


A deep immersion into your divine feminine energy through the power of plant healing & embodiment. You will journey with curiosity to meet with any blocks that hold you back from embodying & aligning with your self love frequency. We will sit in ceremony to call on the healing power of Mother Cacao and invite her to gently work with you as you de-armour the heart space. We will then weave intention in as we work with plant allies to combine them in ritual for a bespoke self love infusion oil. 

  • Heart Opening Cacao Ceremony 

  • Herbal Oil Infusion Creation 

  •  Vision Journey to Universal Love

  • Fire Ritual & Drumming


£100 - 90 min 

Please Note: There will be aftercare work to carry out concluding the session. You will take away a herbal oil infusion, along with guidance on a body oiling ritual and self hypnosis technique


Past Life Regression Ceremony 


A hypnotic journey taking you deep into the story of your consciousness. This experience will invite you to unfurl in the story of your lifetimes and bask in its wisdom. Guided in hypnotic trance, you will journey through the passage of the womb where your soul will then be birthed into a past life.


What will be revealed to you? What can you heal from the past that will allow you to feel free in the moment? What life lessons & teachings will you take away from this? 

  • Altar Offering  

  • Mugwort Tea Ceremony

  • Past Life Regression Vision Journey  

  • Channelled Letter From the Past 

  • Closing Fire Ritual 


£88 - 90 min 

Accessing wisdom from the past to integrate into the future 


Cord Cutting Ceremony 


A powerful ceremony to call all of your power back to it's core, a process whereby you cut the cord with anything that can be holding you back from inhabiting your authentic  wholeness.


We will explore, with compassion, all that is blocking you or keeping you stagnant. This range from limiting beliefs, repeating patterns, the weight of old wounds or ties to a past lover. Once the cord is cut, you intentionally release the energetic tie and free yourself from its bounds. 

  • Altar Offering  

  • Mugwort Tea Ceremony

  •  Vision Journey  

  • Cord Cutting Ceremony 

  • Closing Fire Ritual 


£88 - 90 min 

Calling back your power & cutting energetic ties 


Bespoke Healing Ceremony

Take A Sacred & Deeply Healing Journey Back Home To Yourself

A bespoke healing ceremony tailored to your desired intention. In a discovery call we will curiously explore all avenues of your life to shed light on areas where you feel blocked or stagnant. I will carefully curate a healing ritual ceremony based on these findings, where I will bring together a fusion of some of the following modalities:

Trance Work / Plant Medicine Ceremony /

Sound Healing / Energy Healing /

Fire Rituals  / Conscious Breath /

Sacred Movement / Tarot 


Ceremonial Intentions To Explore

  • Chakra Clearing

  • Connecting to the Child Within

  • Future Clarity

  • Phoenix To the Ashes - Rebirth 

£88 - 90 min 


Are you ready to commit to your path of healing? Maybe you've got a few questions? Click the button below to schedule your call. 

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