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t h e r a p y ~

 a divinely guided journey of healing & homecoming


A unique approach to Therapy that weaves together Somatic Trauma Therapy, Psychospiritual practices and Earth Based Wisdom to guide you on your journey back home to your authentic self. 

Somatic Trauma Therapist / Hypnotherapist / Energy Alchemist / Psychospiritual Guide / Anam Cara /  Woman of the Earth / Wisdom Keeper / Wild Witch / Guide to the threshold

My love, come in, take your shoes off and make yourself at home in this online temple space.

I've been expecting you. And I'm so glad you followed your intuition which led you here, to me, in this space, at this precise moment. I believe in divine timing and synchronicity, don't you?

Perhaps greater forces guided you here...or maybe your yearning for inner liberation called you into this space? Or perhaps your inner rhythm is longing to attune to earthly cyclical rhythms. Or maybe your soul beckoned you to heal your past trauma so you can remember your innate power? Whatever your reason - I'm so glad you're here.  

It's my souls purpose to weave together enriching  sacred spaces for honouring, healing, homecoming and marking pivotal moments of  life through the sacred art of ritual & ceremony. 

I'm in devotional service, to passionately call you forth, to embody your authentic self as you gently tend to the fully tapestry of this wild, messy and beautiful life. 

I vow to walk along side you, through your own darkness as you remember your light. I will be your soul guide, your earth guardian, your therapist and mentor... Let's embark on a long soulful voyage of therapy to integrate past traumas and  initiate you through a threshold of transformation supported by ritual.

it's me 
hannah lily

Are you ready to walk this path, back home, to your authentic self?

A path of...






I work with truth seekers & curiously hearted souls who are yearning to feel enriched by life, connected, and alive with purpose. 

my therapy journeys offer you a sacred space to ...

  • understand how your intuition speaks to you by learning this primal source of communication, & develop your trust muscle so you can lean in and be led by it.  

  • court your nervous system through deep observation to expand your awareness; and gradually enhance your baseline capacity to be more resilient & adaptable to everyday life.

  • create sacred space through ritual to honour the losses of life and gently tend to endings & grief through ritual. 

  • establish a robust tool kit of extensive tools to witness & be with a richly diverse emotional tapestry. Fostering methods to help you lean into emotional experiences with more ease.

  • embark on a deep voyage to excavate & establish your core values whilst identifying tangible steps to enhance their fulfilment. Inviting you to pivot areas of your life into divine alignment to your core value coding.

  • develop trust & courage to live a life driven by heart, intuition, soul & synchronicity.

  • cultivate inner harmony by tending to all parts of yourself,  allowing the deep & hidden layers of you to feel safe, seen & held. Instilling the lens of curiosity over inner conflict, whilst bolstering your core self energy in life leadership.

  • shine a compassionate light of awareness onto your shadow to alchemise it & understand your influencing psyche mechanics. 

  • understand your core wounds, how to hold space for them & work with them

  • connect to an expansive source of devotion to drive you towards your desired life

  • feel grounded in life, connected to self & earth energies

  • living in alignment with your natural innate rhythm and cyclical nature, honouring endings, transitional phases & new beginnings

  • protected and safe space to process unfiltered, big & difficult emotions such as grief, rage & anger through somatic release techniques and creative practices   

  • tending to past trauma, giving it space to be prepossessed  and foster tools to establish balanced coping mechanisms to integrate trauma responses.

  • build a relationship with the wounded child within by learning how to connect, reparent, nurture their needs.

  • learn to access the power of your voice by communicating your truth & establishing honouring boundaries with yourself & the world

  • discover who you truly are beyond what life told you to be. Unpacking deep conditioning & programming; getting to the root of its origin & repatterning your neural & somatic pathways.

  • learn ways to enhance, heal and enrich your relationships with those close to you. bringing awareness to relating patterns and attachment styles.

  • work with your guides, the directions & the elemental forces

  • establish meaningful rituals that become the corner stones to your life 

  • be connected to your body & learn the subtle language of your soma

whats included?

I work with my clients over a minimum period of 6 months, during that time there will be

12 x 75 MIN SESSIONS OVER 6 MONTHS (Biweekly)





We will cover a richly diverse blend of modalities to support you on your journey. I offer a unique approach to Therapy that weaves together Somatic Trauma Therapy, Psychospiritual practices and Earth Based Wisdom to guide you on your journey back home to your authentic self. 

Embodiment & Somatic Healing



Neuroscience & Nervous System Healing

Earth Wisdom & Folk Herbal Medicine 

Shamanic, Celtic & Elemental Wisdom

£85 a session

What do you receive from me as your Therapist, Guide & Mentor?

  • a clear, loving, grounded, undisturbed & non-judgemental witness to you & your healing journey

  • over 5 years professional experience of walking with people through healing portals of change, trauma integration & transformation.

  • a clear framework, that is anchored in my clinical training & earth based wisdom. A structure that offers nourishing roots and foundations, not a rigid framework based on arbitrary metrics. 

  • creative and resourceful flexibility in my approach, with a natural ability to meet you where you're at in each changeable moment

  • a non hierarchical approach to my workings. This isn't a space for guru / student co-dependant dynamics, this is one authentic human guiding another through integrity, truth, and healing medicine. 

  • an nurturing therapy environment that is driven by your own unique energy blueprint, intentions and devotion and not driven by my own personal ideals or projections. 

  • invitations to drop into your body and make your inner wisdom source

  • a sound understanding of the nuances of healing and trauma. I do not offer spirituality as a platform to bypass your human experiences. This is not a space of toxic positivity, love & light flooding, or spiritual greenwashing. 

  • a well resourced nervous system and deep devotion to my own path and practises to ensure i hold you in the most nourished way. I do not deliver my offerings from the energy of burn out, imitation, inflated ego or back to back scheduling. 

  • gentle directness, confidentiality about your journey, requests for consent, celebrations of your growth and milestones.

Hannah-Lilly (45).jpg

client feedback

As a qualified counsellor I have done plenty of healing work on myself over the years but something was always missing. I have longed for a space as beautiful as yours where I could express myself freely with other women and feel the spiritual connection that has always been missing. Everything about the sacred space feels just as it should be and more and your warm melodic voice and wise words have made me feel more at home in myself than I ever had. I feel excited to continue on with the work we have started but also more at peace to start to accept myself just as I am. Thank you so much, I can not wait to come back soon. ~ Deb

"My 1-1 sessions with Hannah have changed my whole outlook on life, my relationship with myself + my confidence. Before I met Hannah I wasn’t in touch with my emotions + kept a lot bottled up, this lead to feeling highly anxious a lot of the time. Hannah helped me get to know myself again + build a tool kit to help me work through these issues through hypnotherapy, healing + talking things out. Over time my anxiety has decreased + for the first time in my 30 something years I like and accept who I am and how I look. I trust my instincts + I’m unapologetically me. Hannah is an amazing person who helped me open up, I will be forever thankful for her help + support to get to this place."~ Lauren

"Hannah’s private sessions are a little miracle. Hannah has such a soothing presence and works hard to personalise each session to your needs. I particularly enjoy the “homework” which helps embed the sessions into my day to day life, + soon you find your daily routine + way of thinking is changed from it. I can not recommend Hannah enough whether you’re dealing with anxiety, or simply want to get more out of life. Thank you Hannah." ~ Harriet 

Trainings & Accreditations 

I am fully insured and qualified Ceremonialist

& Therapist with my own personal clinical

supervisor, holistic mentor and membership to a Governing Body. I'm dedicated to working within my code of ethics, where I continually take on Continued Professional Development, to ensure my offerings and space holdings are delivered to the highest standards.

Below are the most meaningful past studies, trainings, rememberings, integrations, and apprenticeships. This list is essential, not extensive.


2015 Cacao Initiation - Chiapas Mexico

2018 Clinical Hypnotherapy
2019 Regression for Trauma
2019 Past Life Therapy
2020 Applied Poly Vagal Therapy
2020 EFT Tapping
2021 Breathwork
2021 Feminine Arts & Womb Mysteries
2021 Folk Herbal Medicine Apprenticeship
2021 Heart Coherence Coaching Certification
2021 Biofeedback Therapy
 Sacred Celebrant of Avalon
2023 Somatic Trauma Therapy

2023 Closing of the Bones
2023 Somatic Parts Therapy
2023 Shamanic Drumming

the luna temple

offers you a soft place to land away from the busy demands and the chaotic hum of everyday life. This is a sacred space that welcomes you, just as you are, and meets you where you are at. It is a temple that will anchor you through transformational thresholds and gently hold you through the lows and celebrate with you through the highs. 

sacred space_edited.jpg

my face to face holdings are offered from the auspicious Luna Temple which is situated on the picturesque grounds of New Lodge Vineyard. The yurt and the surrounding nature creates an enchanting healing sanctuary to support you on your path to wholeness

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