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it's me,

Hey You


Are you ready to rise up and reclaim your inner power?

Is it time to amplify & tune into your intuition?

Maybe you want to sink more deeply into a heart centered & soul led life?

Are you being called to connect to something deeper?

Are you ready to heal old wounds & release deeply buried emotions?


Maybe you're tired of running on burnt-out survival energy & you want to discover the magic in slowing down? 

Whatever your story is, you have been called here for a reason & I'm so glad you made it.  

I work with heart-centered women who are ready to up-level their life & heal their trauma so they can welcome a life resonating from their power and reclaim their magnetism. 

 I'm SO passionate about what I do and here is a little insight as to why...



From  navigating my own story of Complex Trauma it initiated a powerful rebirth. Up to that point in my life, I was driven by the misrepresentation of what happiness looked like & I was fuelled on a routine of self sabotaging behaviour. I well & truly found myself in the fast lane of life, chasing a vision that looked successful on  the outside, but felt desperately unfulfilling on the inside.


I started responding to those little intuitive nudges with bold moves and on a whim, I decided to take a sabbatical from my corporate job... Little did I know that this decision would lead me to Mayan Temple of Inscriptions in Mexico, this is where my Dharma was suddenly revealed to me. Please don't be fooled, the unravelling of my life's purpose wasn't a grandiose awakening, but it literally began with a screaming inner voice saying; 'Well Hannah, what the hell are you going to do with your life now because you clearly aren't bloody happy?!'. That moment changed me forever and I know it was time to take charge of my life. 


I. Was. Ready. For. Change.

I was ready to reclaim myself from my Trauma. I was ready to live a life that truly excited my soul. I was ready to wake up each day with real purpose, meaning & passion. I was ready to shift from survival mode to a place where I was truly thriving. I was ready to unsubscribe from the unfulfilling humdrum life. I was ready to cut the ties with my self sabotaging loops. I was ready to connect to my higher vision. 

 Those years of dysfunction have now translated into my greatest gift. Now I know that my soul’s calling is to work with women worldwide, who are ready to powerfully heal so that they can stand in their unwavering authenticity. I'm now on a passionate mission to empower you as you reclaim your life from trauma and welcome a life that is aligned with your highest potential. 

Using ancient healing modalities that are  rooted in practical methods of psychotherapy, I hold sacred and safe space as you delve deeper to begin the inner work. We will work together to release any trauma, limiting beliefs & self sabotaging traits, all that no longer serves you in order to create space to welcome a new  pathway aligned with your potential.

are you ready?


What are you waiting for...






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