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hannah lily

Priestess / Pagan Celebrant / Woman of the Earth / Wisdom Keeper / Wild Witch /  Well Guardian / Guide to the threshold / Elemental

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I am a trauma therapist, ceremony creatrix, ritual crafter, homecoming healer and guardian at the thresholds. Inspired by earths wisdom, called forth by the elements, devoted to remembering. Lover of wild woodlands, sacred wells, silvery moonlight & healing herbs.

It is my deepest desire to inspire and support a remembrance of what is sacred in our lives and guide people back home to the natural world where they can unearth their own forgotten treasures that lay within.

It's my souls purpose to weave together enriching  sacred spaces for honouring, healing, & homecoming; where I mark pivotal portals of transformation, from womb to tomb, through the art of ritual. I create nurturing healing spaces that are held with the deepest love & respect, for others to journey within to recognise their innate creativity, inner wisdom and the unique medicine they bring to life. 

I'm in devotional service, to compassionately call you forth, to embody your authentic self and gently tend to the fully tapestry of this wild, messy and beautiful life. 

It is my vow to walk along side you as your guardian, guide, therapist and mentor... Whether we embark on a long soulful voyage of therapy to integrate past traumas or  initiate you through a threshold of transformation or perhaps organise a ceremony for a sacred celebration.

I'm so glad you're here.

 Earth tending, soul crafting, ceremony weaving, courting the Sacred, pathways of belonging, embodying the Way of Nature

soul offerings

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Somatic & Psychospiritual Therapy

Integrative Therapy & Healing. Using a powerful fusion of clinical practices, blended with earth based wisdom, to support your journey of healing, transformation & homecoming. 

Sacred Celebrations & Rites of Passage 

Marking pivotal moments through the sacred and ancient art of Rite & Ritual. Bespoke ceremonies, Sacred Celebrations & Rites of Passage. Honouring's from womb to tomb, for maiden, mother, crone, couples &  communities.  

Circles, Events & Gatherings

 Join us for a sacred gathering at The Luna Temple. Soulfully curated ceremonial circles, inspired by ancient ways & inner rhythms. A non-judgemental space  for women to gather, reconnect, rewild, rebirth & remember!

client gratitude

As a qualified counsellor I have done plenty of healing work on myself over the years but something was always missing. I have longed for a space as beautiful as yours where I could express myself freely with other women and feel the spiritual connection that has always been missing. Everything about the sacred space feels just as it should be and more and your warm melodic voice and wise words have made me feel more at home in myself than I ever had. I feel excited to continue on with the work we have started but also more at peace to start to accept myself just as I am. Thank you so much, I can not wait to come back soon. 


Offering you a Sacred & Safe space to 

Rewild your life

Reclaim your power 

Remember your truth
Reconnect to ancient wisdom

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