Hello you.

Are you ready to rise up and step into your power? Is it time to tune back into your intuition? Are you being called to live a life full of purpose and passion?

You are the Sun. I am the Moon. Between us, there wont be a moment of darkness.

~ Priyanka Lugani

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Work with me 121 : To EVOKE YOUR TRUE ESSENCE

My 1:1 sessions offer a sacred container to: 

  • Regain Inner Balance & Live in Flow State

  • Clear Energetic Blocks & Limiting Beliefs 

  • Live a Heart Led Life 

  • Uncover your Life's Purpose

  • Feel Grounded & Connected

  • Align with your Higher Self  

  • Evoke your Divine Feminine Power

  • Boost Self Esteem & Confidence

  • Release & Resolve Past Trauma

  • Heal the Wounded Child Within  

  • Alleviate Stress & Anxiety

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Ceremonies, Workshops & Courses....