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An exquisite smoke cleaning bundle, handcrafted with love. 


XL Floral Bundle (9  Inches)

Wildcrafted Cedar - Cedar is a powerful plant ally that has been used for thousands of years in ritual to clear the home of impurities and to enhance protection.
Organic & Sustainable Dried Wild Flowers to deepen your connection with self love and to enhance abundant joy. 
Natural Jute Cord - bound together in ceremony 


Due to the nature of this product, no two smoke cleaning bundles are identical, with this in mind the colour and style or florals will vary slightly to the one pictured.  


How to use:
Light the end of the bundle with a match, lighter or candle. Blow the flames out allowing the red embers to glow and the sacred smoke to be released.  With intention, you can move the smoke around, directing it to areas you would like to purify: areas in your home, over your body or objects. Return the bundle to a heat proof dish to allow it to protect any surfaces and to catch any ash or embers. 

Dispatched within 3-5 days of order.  Shipping is by 1st Class Standard Delivery.






SelfLove Smoke Cleansing Floral Bundle

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