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The sun has risen and we welcome the month of February, also welcoming a turn in the wheel of the year for a blessed Imbolc. Each day we are gifted with more daylight and budding signs of spring emerging from the depths of winter. Inviting in the growing powers of the sun to thaw out the frozen & stagnant parts within. 

At this time of year, as we leave behind winter and the age of the Crone, we begin to bloom towards spring and honour the Tripple Goddess in her Maiden form… giving thought to all that we would like to plant seeds for and give birth to for the year ahead. 

If you are looking for deeper connection to this time of year, this 9 page Imbolc ebook will guide you into your own personal reflection with journal prompts. It also includes 3 rituals to honour this time of year. 

You will have instant access to the ebook, with a copy being sent out with the confirmation email. The eBook comes in an editable PDF format, so you are able to type directly into the document. 

Imbolc eBook

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