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H e l l o 

What an extraordinary time to be alive.  Welcome to a world on lock down. A world where we have abruptly met unprecedented times of overwhelming change. This new chapter evokes a tremendous amount of uncertainty, some of which you may be struggling to cope with.

You might be feeling overcome with anxiety, absolutely crippled with fear, suffocated with stress or battling with sleepless nights...  These times might unearth a whole host of problems that have been bubbling underneath the surface until now.  Or maybe you're simply in need of someone to talk to?

Whatever your struggle, remember you really don't have to face this alone.

Online Therapy Sessions are now available.

In my online therapy I offer an integrated approach whereby I draw on a number of different healing methods and

psychology theories to deliver the most effective session for you.  My infused therapy will offer you:

Therapeutic Talking - a platform to consciously process any crippling thoughts & emotions. 

Hypnotherapy -  to uproot any unconscious limiting belief systems and rewrite outdated behaviours.

Mindfulness Techniques - acquire practical tools to integrate into daily life to help you instil calm amongst the chaos.

Now more than ever, I am on a passionate mission to reach those who are struggling, 

so I can coach you out of crisis mode and reconnect you to your rightful power. 

Nothing to book at the moment

Prices & Payment 

Given the nature of the times we are in, I am offering these sessions on a 'pay what you can afford' basis. Below is the payment tier available broken down from my full fees. For those of you entering into a space of total uncertainty regarding finances and do not have the means to invest, but still need some guidance and therapy during this time, please email me on to book your session. 

Hey, I know times are hard... Don't worry, simply pay what you can afford.

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